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myPostUp – Attract Attention

Multiply your Website's Success!

There is something on your website you want to attract your visitor's attention to, a special offer, an opt-in newsletter, some news. Therefore you need something that attracts your visitors' attention. Remember:

You've got no more than 5 seconds to draw your visitors' attention.

You just read the myPostUps on this website. I attracted your attention. It works. Didn't it? Why not attract your visitors' attention with your own real looking PostIts, notes,  coupons and more?

Of course, people don't like PopUps very much. But, wait a minute!

  1. These are no PopUps. These are notes that appear on your own website and don't open a new browser window.

  2. You don't like PopUps because most of the time they open a new browser window and they take you away from the website you are just visiting. That's not what myPostUps want to do. The opposite is the case – they want to point to something important on your website. Isn't that something completely different?

Casual visitors turn into prospective buyers or subscribers!
That betters your chances!

Now you can have your own myPostUps on your own website! Free! No obligation!

Create your very own myPostUp like 1, 2, 3. Compose your myPostUp from many templates and more than 50 fonts with different colors and sizes. Don't hesitate! Start now! It's free!

No PopUp blocker will block myPostUps because they are no PopUps!
Try yourself!