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myPostUp – How to

Basically it's very easy

  1. Register here to open your personal account.

  2. Login with your confirmation that you received via email.

  3. Create your personal myPostUp and include it on your website.

What do I have to take care off?

Of course your myPostUps may not violate any law or ethics. Additionally you must know that you keep me as the person who runs this service absolutely free from any liability that might occur because you use myPostUp on your website. If you do not agree with one of these terms you may not use this service. And I keep the right to change this service at any time without any prior announcement. This includes extensions, reductions and the termination of the service.

This website will be constantly updated with the latest information related to myPostUp. New myPostUps and extensions my be published here and/or on the forum , too. Please bookmark this site and recommend it to your friends! You may use the Diese Website weiterempfehlen symbol at the top right corner on each page.

If you are looking for more information about a specific theme or if you (dis-)like something, please post an article on the forum . Please post your suggestions for extensions that you wish, there, too. If you'd like to see a new myPostUp or and additional font, this belongs into the forum , too. I'm happy to hear from you.